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Specializing in Bolt (Magazine) and Double Safari Rifles and Safaris to Africa and Argentina for Plains and Dangerous Game
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We proudly welcome both buyers and sellers to our virtual "gun show". You have landed in the "Big Five" hall, where sellers offer medium and heavy caliber magazine and double rifles, hunting safaris, optics, reloading tools and supplies, and gear of particular interest to big game hunters in a safe, convenient, supervised venue. This is the home of the proprietary "Bad Boy" range of semi-custom dangerous game safari rifles. We have more double rifles in inventory than any other dealer, including the Chapuis range of double rifles, the FinnClassic/Valmet over-under system gun, and bespoke rifles by various English, German and Austrian makers. We also offer a hand-picked selection of big game magazine rifles by Steyr, Mannlicher-Schoenauer, Sako, Mauser, and various custom makers. Participation is open to anyone who can legally purchase an item, whether that's a rifle, a scope or a set of dies. There is no charge whatsoever to buyers. Sellers must be federally licenced dealers, or bona-fide accessory manufacturers. There are no fly-by-night gundealers or hobby/collector sellers on this site. And you won't find any knick-knacks, jewellery, or gum on offer. Everything on this site is relevant to our big game hunting and safari theme. If you are interested in small caliber rifles, bird guns, or other firearms, you will find those on our "Sister Sites", which you can navigate to using the main menu to your left. To browse the merchandise, simply click "Online Store" on the menu. New sellers are welcome, and yes we have other "halls" where your small game, bird and varmint hunting gear will be showcased. We can even create a "hall" dedicated to your merchandise using your own URL. Just click on the "Apply to Sell" link to the left and we will explain in detail how it all works.

  • Shop multiple vendors' merchandise in one cart, and pay only once for all items purchased
  • Items ship same or next day for credit card payments, you specify ground, third day or next day
  • Choose from our list of on-file transfer dealers when purchasing firearms, or have your dealer fax his FFL after the order is in
  • We accept all major credit cards with no surcharge; transactions are processed via the leading online payment processor's secure site; we never see nor do we store your credit card information
  • We also take payments by mail (checks, MOs, cashier's checks); items are reserved in your name for 7 days pending funds
  • You receive an automatic emailed order confirmation, payment receipt, and shipping confirmation with a tracking number, without having to ask for one.
  • Every sale is an escrow sale ... we safekeep your money until you accept the merchandise, or issue a refund when the item is returned
  • EVERY ITEM YOU SEE IS IN STOCK ... no stockouts or backorders here!
  • Your particulars are kept on file for your return visit, including your dealer's FFL information (we don't see or keep credit card info so you will have to rekey that each time)
Get started by clicking "Online Store" from the menu to the left. Note, we do support sales to Canada where legal; other international customers will not be able to use credit cards and for these orders shipping costs will be advised after the order has been entered.


  • A fully automated business model that allows you to focus on merchandising, not administration, answering the phones, or dealing with website maintenance headaches.
  • A steady flow of online buyers who are shopping for specific merchandise; and optionally automatic referrals for firearms transfers in your state.
  • Free exposure on multiple websites without any rekeying of descriptions or uploading photos.
  • Automatic notification of orders and decrementing of inventory in real time, no need to remove items that are sold or put them back up if returned.
  • A picklist that prompts you to automatically generate a UPS label for items that are paid up, and automatically notifies your customer with a tracking number. You don't need a UPS account.
  • We process credit card and mailed payments and sort out which money goes to which vendor. You don't need a CC merchant account.
  • Commissions as low as 1% with no listing fees. (There is a 3% card processing fee for CC orders)
  • Guaranteed, biweekly consolidated disbursement of net funds. No bounced checks, ever!
  • Accurate automated reports for monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting and tax preparation. Your offline sales can easily be noted in the database for completeness.
  • One easy seller dashboard manages all your items on all our sites.
  • Optionally, your own private website that works exactly like this full-featured e-commerce public site; your items will appear on both your private and the public site(s).
Contact us via the "apply to sell" link to the left to learn how to become a vendor on this site, or one of our other sites.

INVENTORY IS UPDATED IN REAL TIME: Everything you see is in stock, no need to email the seller first
ALL SALES ON APPROVAL: 3 Day inspection, refer to POLICIES page for details
ALL SALES ARE ESCROW SALES: Funds released to seller after inspection period lapses; buy with confidence!